Things to keep in mind when renting an apartment

Renting an apartment is also quite important, requiring tenants to learn carefully about relevant issues such as the lease agreement, terms attached, rent … to make a comparison between places to rent.


Things to note when renting an apartment, find out the landlord information

Before going to the landlord, you can research the internet to get basic personal information, transaction history on the owner’s website. Tenants can ask for more information from people living around the area to learn more about the tenant’s character. When meeting in person to exchange transactions, the tenant should note the following related documents:

Proof of home ownership for rent from the authorities, or power of attorney (if renting from a broker or intermediary).

The landlord’s identification helps the tenant to know the information about the landlord, conveniently conduct the tenancy agreement or resolve disputes in the future.

Study the lease carefully

Before signing a pen to sign a rental contract, the tenant needs to study and carefully study the terms of the contract, requirements, … to make corrections, changes before signing the contract to ensure that the fairness of the transaction, to avoid trouble some arising later. The following should be noted in the content of the contract:

Information on the lessor, the lessee.

Contract term.

Terms related to money: The tenant needs to clarify issues related to the deposit such as the value of the deposit, the method of repayment, the issue of the cancellation of the contract, the problem of the landlord getting the apartment back before the contract term …

Expenses related to costs: electricity, water, garbage, internet, who is responsible for repairing the damage during the rental property management in Ho Chi Minh city process… If the tenant chooses to rent an apartment, it is necessary to clarify the cost of management, maintenance, reception, area lighting… Carefully study the terms of the tenancy agreement

Check the living conditions of the rental apartment

When renting an apartment, tenants need to determine the purpose of renting so that they can choose a place that best suits them.

About living conditions:

  • Consider a rental apartment with full facilities such as cooking place, toilet, drying area …
  • The restroom – shower is damaged / needs repair.
  • The apartment has a parking space or park the car.
  • Electrical appliances need to be repaired.
  • Pay attention to the time rules when renting an apartment
  • Refer to prices in some regions.
  • Areas with expensive rentals: Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, Tay Ho districts.
  • The environment around the apartment area

Renters should consult the experience of previous people, tenants should invest in researching the living environment around the apartment they want to rent to avoid nuisance when moving in, and at the same time choosing suitable and convenient places. convenient for daily life. Tenants can visit the area a few times to get a clear understanding of the following:

Convenient transportation for tenants: should choose apartments located near major roads, convenient for going to school, going to work or moving to frequently frequented places.

Find out about the security situation in the rental area, avoid the low security areas, with social evils such as drug addicts, gangsters, prostitution activities …

Habitat: The best apartment should be in the clean sanitary area, the air is not polluted by surrounding factories and projects. Priority should be given to choosing quiet areas for mental comfort.

Public facilities around the rental apartment: if the apartment is working / going to school, is the rental apartment close to the workplace / school, near the bus stop; If it is an apartment hold, is the rented apartment near markets, supermarkets, or schools, or schools for your children?

Ask the people around for information about the apartment

One of the ways to find out about the above is that tenants can ask people who live in the area, as sources of information from residents in the provided area have a high degree of trust.

Common risks for tenants

Tenants have studied the information carefully, but tenants still have a number of troubles occurred when they moved in. The following are common problems that tenants should be aware of if they encounter:

Careful when living in a transplant: sharing accommodation helps to reduce costs but also brings a lot of troubles such as having no private space, disputes on the use of assets in the apartment … transplant, consider, consider whether to live together or not.

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